Normality. The constructed social code the human race tries to base its core values on.

Yet the word is a contradiction in itself. Its definition is to conform and reduce to a regular standard pattern. But that pattern is constantly changing and thus normal is only what we perceive it to be within a moment, before the norm begins to change gradually to the next accepted code. So slowly, we barely even notice it until we wake up one day, and realize that everything we know has changed. 

It changes as the people who run the puppet show of the world tell it to, and it changes as the people who live under them accept the rules, and live by guidelines – never once questioning the norm, yet naturally we’re always moving away from it as a collective.

Ultimately, it’s the politicians, and the religious leaders; the banks, the corporations and even the ever-climbing inflation rate. They are the masters of the show that we call modern society. They make the waves, and create the ripples and push us one way or another, leaving us to simply try our best to just stay above the surface – hoping we manage to float just a little further away toward real freedom.

Those these titans of humanity, and the corrupt systems created by them, have some sort of control over us, they are still powerless against the ultimate controller. Our universe, itself.

Our entire planet could be destroyed tomorrow by an asteroid, and we would be nothing more than space dust, unrecognizable to future races that may float on by with their probes or spacecrafts. The sun could blow up, releasing years of chaos into our part of the galaxy, yet still always changing and moving.

The organisms that live within its expanding restriction, change and transform with it. Creating new energy, converting it, changing it, and even creating life with it once again millions of years after Earth has returned to the cosmos.

Unique is the opposing definition of what is usual, and it is the true motor to what drives our existence. The anomalies are infinite, and what constantly changes creates new things to discover. What is  perceived as normal constantly changes, and so, it constantly ceases to exist until it is reborn again; a bare resemblance of what it was before.

The concept of normality is awful unique don’t you think?

As humans we believe we have to have control, which is the reason why this word came into existence, and became a way for us to compartmentalize our surroundings. This is a good thing. Biology requires this, or else we would be constantly stimulated by benign objects that we have seen since before we could walk.

But it also has a hindrance. The hold back of seeing that not everything can be labeled, and that anomalies happen all the time. Not just that, but that when they happen, they should be embraced, and studied – not feared.

We use this word to explain the unfathomable. To put a name to a face. To set a quota, to compare, to buy, to sell, to progress, to create, but most of all… it’s to feel safe. It is to set a standard for everything within our universe, when it reality, the word is nothing more than a sugar pill. A means to feel as if we have some grasp on the things we will never be able to control.

It’s a fantasy constructed to bring people comfort, security and perceived knowledge. All humans have the need for control. It isn’t just the greedy leaders but also your average Joe six-pack that needs the empty medication. Without it he would not be able to get up, go to work, make money, and give back the money to the ones above, and so on. He would be lost with no one to tell him how to dress or act, or be normal, especially in a modern society obsessed with trends and fads.

The average Joe of our modern world loses his independence, when he gives into the norms.

Normality is a term we used to feel that we are the superior power on this planet, and that all else that is not normal, is below us. It’s animal, its crude, its vile, it’s hostile, it’s disgusting, it’s weird, it’s unusual, its…something different than what I am used to.

When you take a step back and look at the bigger picture inside the universe; we are tiny parasites who feed on each other and the planet we live on. We are no more than sophisticated Neanderthals who have potential to be great, but fail, because we cannot see past our own bias. We can compartmentalize. It’s instinctual to put all the pieces back in the box when your done making the puzzle. Once you have the picture, you move on to the next one.

But taking the pieces out of the box once in a while, to look a them once again with a new set of eyes, is how you change the meaning of the image. It’s a crucial step in how we grow.

If we could rid ourselves of the restraints of the normal and dare to look at things differently, we could help the world change for the better. We could change the repetitive pattern that holds us down, and find a common ground within the unique, without limiting the potential of the society.

Normality is a word to be taken as a tool for mental stability, not a way of restriction. The unique is the fuel to a society that is always changing, always evolving and always aspiring to move forward. It should be nurtured, and encouraged.

Let’s change the world and do something unique, and break the false idol of the norm.

After all when something is based on a lie, doesn’t it always fall down?

At least that’s a moral the society we belong to teaches us, isn’t it?

 -Adam Gainer

2 thoughts on “Normality

    • Or something. Normal is Just a zero on a line that not only goes from left to right, but all other sorts of directions as well. Some the human eye cannot even see, much less comprehend.

      Thanks for reading and sharing Mark. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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