Nothing Is Trivial

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   Nothing Is Trivial

Take a reflection on yourself and think: What do you take for granted?

 In a world where money rules the majority and power comes at the lost of peoples happiness, we often forget about the little things that truly matter. There the things that make it possible for us to keep waking up to the pseudo-freedom the society we’ve created bestows us with. They keep our mentalities safe, and our hearts at peace in times of war, something that has unfortunately become a daily practice in our so-called modern age.

 If you take away these little things, we begin to doubt, and we start to lose focus. Then our sanity with it gets pulled down by the gravity of reality. Yet we take them away ourselves, simply by forgetting about them.

 Such things that seem so meaningless, like our mothers when they told said “I love you” or when our fathers would teach us the mechanics of a man-made machine. It’s going to work to a job that you love, and having fun for an entire day while you earn your living.

    Think about the last time you watched the sun rise, or saw the full moon glow inside of a clear and open starry-night sky; the very kind where you can almost see the true answers to the Universe, laid out in an eternal tapestry that constantly changes.Constantly staying unique.

 How did you feel?

 Did you feel a safety amongst the life and warmth of a brand new day?

 Or did you simply pass it by as just another sun while you drove to work?

Did you look to the stars and ponder the questions not asked?

Did you wonder if the answers you were given are true?

Did you try to understand it for yourself?

Did you savor the moment of your enlightenment?

Or did you even look at all?

 Take another step back, and think about yet another time you may have taken a moment for granted. It could be the best moment of your last birthday party, or the deep conversation you’ve had with a close friend. It could be the moment your child was born, or just simply a day where everything seemed to work smooth.

 It could be the first time you experienced love, and it could be that last time you saw that loved one. The last time you laughed with them, and stopped caring about the agonies the world around us has sadly has fallen accustomed to.

 It‘s things like this and more, that we take for granted on a daily basis. Without moments like these, we drive ourselves into a state of animosity. Times are tough and it can be difficult to stay positive. However, it is important to remember that it’s the small things in life that truly matter, not how much money you have or the position of your company. It’s the characteristics of your life that make you smile, you can still hold onto when all that money and power is stripped away.

Don’t take for granted the things that seem insignificant, because life is a merely a quick journey and inside of its bounds…

Nothing is trivial.


I hope you all enjoyed it!

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3 thoughts on “Nothing Is Trivial

  1. Thanks so much for you comment! I apologize, for some reason my account suspended your it, which isn’t cool considering I have it set to be completely public. Anyone should be able to comment freely, and I deeply apologize for that. It was hidden in a pending folder for months now, and I didn’t even notice it. When I get a comment, I get a notification in my side bar, but that never came for your comment.

    Will look into this to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I want free thought on my blog.

    To answer your question, no this is not paid. So far, I am simply trying to use this site to further my career. The designs and layouts are done with the free and basic WordPress account, which allows some customization, but not as much as I would like. Most of the photos are stock photos I buy from an account, or things that I put together using public domain images, or my own artistic skills (the few that I have). Hope to make enough soon to get a better domain, so I can reach a wider audience. Haha, and in order to do that, I need to reach a wider audience with this blog.

    Anyways, thank you so much for the kind comment. It really means a lot. Since I’m not doing this for money, the comments really make it worth while. I’m so sorry I missed it.

    Have an awesome day, Cathern! Thank you!


  2. I am extremely impressed together with your writing talents
    as well as with the layout for your blog. Is this a paid subject matter or did
    you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality
    writing, it’s rare to look a great blog like this one
    these days..

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    • I’m so sorry I missed this comment! For some reason it was sent to a pending folder, and I never got to see it until now. Usually, when I get a comment, I get a notification, and this time it went to a spam folder for some odd reason. This isn’t supposed to happen because I have the settings set to be public, so that anyone can comment and discuss freely, but unfortunately this and three others were lost in translation.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It really is nice to know that this blog is being appreciated. To answer your question, this is not a paid blog at all, just a place for me to get other bits of writing out while I work on my novels, and a place to promote them. It’s also a place where I can talk to a community (quite small right now) about different ideas about life and writing. Right now, it’s just basic, and free, but I hope to get things upgraded soon. I customize it all myself to the extent WordPress Basic allows, and I get Stock Photos from a paid site, as well as the public domain, but I also try to create some of my own.

      Once again, thank you so much for your kind words and for reading. I need to look into the settings and see what happened yet, but I hope this never happens again.

      Have an awesome day Cathern!


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