Of Blood and Ink- Author Steven Williams

Name: Steven A Williams

Hometown: Chicago, IL USA

Rank: Master poet and independent fiction writer

Favorite writer and poet: Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe

The author’s thoughts on the “Of Blood and Ink” series, currently comprised of the 3 sub-collections;

The Funeral of Life

A Little Spot of Light


      Poetry is my one true passion. It gives me a way to express the dark crazy thoughts in my head and likewise emotions in my heart. I’ve always loved the ability to tell a story through poetry that translates so vividly, so beautifully, and so full of passion. A transference that so few pieces of fiction can really offer. I have been piecing together this collection for the last 20 years of my life. It started out as random as my thought themselves, but over time, I have stitched everything together, and cleaned everything up in order to perfectly portray the picture in the reader’s mind that is “Of Blood and Ink”.

The one story told throughout every section of this series, in part through imaginative fiction, and in part through personal reflection, is a story of man…and of the very human condition which defines us all. It is a journey through the darkness, into the light, and well into the enlightenment found beyond those places.

“The Funeral of Life” is horror themed poetry, and contributes to the common theme by exploring the dark recesses of the mind, and what lies in those shadowy places. It attempts understanding of the darkness, but more so, acceptance of the darkness…for it, and only it, can lead you into the light…

“A Little Spot of Light” uses my own feelings of love and hope as a bridge to cross out of the darkness into what beauty and paradise could be waiting for you on the other side. It explores what man strives for, and revels in. It speaks of the reward all men seek for their grueling, scary journey through the darker parts of life.

“Black” takes the journey traveled and the lessons learned in the previous collections and applies them to an evolving mind filled with evolving thought. This collection digs deeper, and gets more philosophical and even a bit political, concluding the story of the human condition in an inspiring and epic style speaking of concepts such as revolution and personal revelation. It’s clearly the most complex, in-depth, and profound work of the entire series and proves to be a fitting end to the story.

Before this collection gets molded together and will be available in paperback as one complete anthology, at least 50 pages of new content will be added including a 4th section about something that has popped up in literature for over 200 years…the infamous city of Carcosa. So please enjoy these 3 digital Kindle books, take something away from them in your own evolving mind, and be on the lookout soon for the complete anthology, available in paperback on Amazon, “Of Blood and Ink.”

                                                                                                   -Steven A Williams

                                                                                                           Sept. 2014









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