A Poets Heartache

My first poem in ages! Like, share, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

  A Poets Heartache- Author Adam Gainer

He cannot find the chosen word,

Inside the heart, now massacred,

Endless screams rings out inside,

The brittle ties that burn his mind,

A flame so deep it can’t be seen,

Its beauty had once been serene,

Now it’s pushed away with agony,

Until the next time it finds harmony,

Forgotten love left behind in tears,

Will apathy overtake his fears?

Lost forever inside the darkest shell,

In this place he will always dwell,

The broken poet has lost the war,

The one that rages inside his core,

Can he defeat the shadows within?

Or will they erupt with his every sin?

They say that life can always change,

To some that thought is deranged,

To change is let go of thee,

And to move on is to be set free,

From the binds that fuel animosity,

And allows one to feel the sun,

And the warmth of being with someone,

To face the challenges life throws out,

Together we will win each bout,

Until that day a poet must rest,

For a heart faintly beats within his chest.


So now I take my leave dear reader,

And I hope you enjoyed this little teaser,

You can find my books online you see,

Though poetry is not my usual glee,

I tend to diversify from time to time,

And when I do…

I rhyme sublime.

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