Poems and Thoughts from Jennifer Johnson

One Mind’s Word I

One Mind’s Words has some inspiring poems which motivate you to change and take a look at yourself. It teaches you how to look at life with all its beauty and flaws. All the poems have some profound thought in them which can help you change your thinking. These poems can capture the interest of any reader, even if they are not poetry lovers. It is because all the poems are written targeting the common man and the emotions experienced.


One Mind’s Word’s II

Poetry of life’s ever-changing path. Words of growth, love, loss, and changes.


 Our Journey    

Poetry of life’s similar journeys of a step-mother and her step-daughters. A family’s project of growth and bonding. Written together as they have grown together.


Random Thoughts

A collection of quotes, blogs, poetry, and random literary thoughts from one author’s scattered mind.

The World As I See It  

Photography through young eyes.



Generations includes poetry from numerous authors all belonging to the same family. The poetry encompasses nature, family, emotions, growing up and growing old.


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