The Darkness: A New thought from Author Adam Gainer

I, like many people, have been watching the news for most of my life. In the past six years, I have noticed the stories of injustice going up, and hope for human-kind dwindling down to the single thin thread. I decided to write out a thought about that darkness… That plague we seem to love so much. The one we buy into and watch every night with our families.

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The darkness….

These two words have been used to describe a great many things in the world. It comes in the heart of a depressed soul, for instance, or from the shadow of clouds that shower in a never-ending rainfall, in the middle of a busy harvest.

There is war, hate, abuse, scrutiny, slavery, tyranny, heartache, and much more. Sometimes they all come in the very same package, delivered neatly and wrapped in a pretty little red bow. Sometimes they are delivered to us by the people we are taught to trust, respect, and love. Sometimes they are delivered by the ones we never knew existed in the first place. Sometimes by the powerful, the ones that we have never met but still, for some strange reason, live in fear of displeasing.

Darkness plagues every part of mankind’s existence, and its focus has never been greater than it is now.

The free media world we now live in today, has brought us the gift of knowledge, and with it, we now see the true horror we have been a part of for so long. Realizing that we were so caught in its deep black void, that we were blind to it completely.

Now, those terrible truths are emerging everywhere. People are learning, and people are angry. The people want more; they want justice for themselves.

As much as I agree that the truths need to be said, and that the injustices of the past and present need to be addressed- There is a much more terrible issue now facing us today.

With all this negativity, many of us have failed to see the positives. Some have become so lost in angst that they no longer care about the people around them, or even the ones they are closest too. Animosity is a hidden plague amongst the human races, and has been the contagion that have many living in hopelessness, while the ones who still feel anger, fight for their cause.

Anger may not be great, but it is better than feeling nothing at all. Rage is the color of red, and apathy the darkest shade of black. Anger is energy. It’s the urge to do something about what is wrong. It’s the guts to get up off your ass and change it. It’s the one emotion to hang onto, when all emotions have become unreachable in this never-ending plain of corruption  we call our world.

Through that emotion, light can begin to shine. Happiness can come in, and the red can be dissolved away, allowing color to fill ones perception once again. This change does not have to be brought on by a global revolution, like some may hope or think. It will help, but it is not the final solution. What will keep us alive, and keep us looking at the silver lining, is one’s own will to survive, and what that person survives for.

In the black there is always a white that can shine through, if you let it. It’s the thing that keeps you alive. It’s what makes you want to get up every day, and keep on moving forward. It’s what keeps you hoping for a better tomorrow, even when you feel all hope has lost.

-Author Adam Gainer

What do you live for?


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