It fades in again, that creeping feeling that moves me forward towards my desires. I cannot allow myself to fall by the wayside, for there I surely won’t survive.

In life we cross boundaries small and large, that must be overcome, otherwise we end up camping out at the very wall we did not dare to climb. Broken pieces of a lost dream, blown around by the winds of life wherever it may take them. A constant cycle, of settling for what you have, instead of pursuing the goals you truly deserve. We make our own rewards, so what’s holding us all back?


It’s the creator of doubt, and the demon that pulls us down into our solidarity, into our ‘safe place’. The unfortunate truth is that fear is all around us, and it increases with our world’s trepidations; its agonies and its faults. We all know there are many, but do they really need to override our deepest urges?

We have become a society bent on taping bubble wrap to every sharp corner, afraid that our offspring will relive the pain and fears we faced when we, were them. Those pains and fears that made us who we are, and drove to us to feeling safe, and strong enough to birth those offspring in the first place. How can we raise them to be independent, to survive, when they are never even allowed to bruise?

It doesn’t stop at the offspring, it never stops. That’s humankind’s nature. Without it we wouldn’t have developed the hand-sanitizers that kill the same germs that we need to develop a proper defense, to all those harmful viruses we’re so afraid of. Nobody seems to notice that the only real virus we are plagued with; it’s our own need to second guess everything, and over-think the tasks that once were so very simple.

You see it in the way our Governments act toward each other. They attempt to put their own version of hand-sanitizer on the land that was never theirs, only because their eyes are sending them a message that their brains cannot bear; that they’re not used to.
So who asked them to look?

Most think they may be wavering evil, and in some cases that may be the truth. Most of the time, however, they only spill more blood, and create more evil in the hearts of those they meant to rescue, more fear. Now, reading this, you may be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t money the root of all evil?”

Well, what drives us to need money?

The society we live in doesn’t allow us the basic necessities without it. It creates the fear for survival.

Money is the root of all evil, but fear is the reason we want the evil.
So where does this bring us?

To a world, wrought with never-ending, infinite, terror. We create it ourselves, we market it, we sell it, we buy it, and we love it. A parasitic species with a strange and sordid thirst to watch everything we’ve created burn to pieces.

It’s silly really, when all we need to do is set our goals high, and stop this fear from corrupting our existence. Humankind can overcome any obstacle it seems, so why can’t we make sense of the world we’ve created for ourselves? It’s so simple, yet so complex.

I only hope we can change before it is too late.

– Author Adam Gainer


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