Waking Dreams, A New Thought From Author Adam Gainer

Here is a deep thought I had when I was much younger (sixteen I believe) about dreams. I have revised it as this evening, and thought the idea is one that people should hear in our current global state.

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Have you ever fallen asleep and dreamed so vividly you felt as if you were having a real experience?

Do you ever wake up wishing your dream would just continue? Simply because the reality your eyes open up to throws upon us a weight difficult to bear, while the imaginary wonderland your subconscious teases you with feels weightless. Some feel they will never achieve this feeling in reality, I say, that is a lie.

To some, the best dream is getting married, finding that perfect someone. To others, the more superficial of our species, it’s to have more money than anyone else in the world. A psychotic example of the values now placed at the highest priority, a balance of right and wrong which teeters more over time.

The more money you have, the more power. The more power you have, supposedly, the more happiness. This is what our human race has managed to raise the social bar to. It’s a non-stop infinite chain of generations getting richer and richer, or poorer and poorer.

The simple man can never win in a world like this, but he keeps trying. The underdogs of the social pyramid are the hardest working and toughest people. They survive. They survive to make the wealthy and the self-righteous lives better.

When all comes to an end, the tide will turn. The ones who have worked hard, will prevail and the mighty will fall. The Kingdom we live in, will be turned upside down, and the truly righteous will rule.

It’s those who survive and have the will to keep dreaming, that always live on.

-Author Adam Gainer

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