Adam Gainer ‘Hello Stranger’ Review

An Amazing Review For My Second Novelette, “Hello Stranger”

Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Myra Gabor

I love short stories.  They’re easy to read and easy to digest.  Even if you lose your place, you won’t forget the story’s characters or the problems that they face. HELLO, STRANGER is no exception.

Derek Lencher and his wife, Carrie, are having one hell of a fight. She’s accusing him of having someone on the side. While defending himself, Derek has the thought that maybe Carrie is screaming to hide the fact that maybe she is the one who is cheating.

There is a blizzard and three prisoners who have just escaped are determined to find shelter from the cold and wind.  Of course they wind up at Derek’s place.  There is Jack, the leader.  By the way, Jack is telepathic and can make others do what he wants by linking minds.  Andrew is the big bruiser, the muscle of the group.  And Lester is…

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