Random Rant: The “I’d love to share your book…” scam.

Annoying Messages Indie Authors Receive:

“I would LOVE to share your book with my one million followers! Message me back to find out more!”

Ok…So what’s stopping you? Don’t know where the share button is?

Most Indie authors know, that if you share something, the ones who matter, will share back. If not, then don’t share for them. It’s one of the biggest ways we all network and market books. It’s how most of us meet, and it’s how most of us end up supporting each other.

For those who don’t know about these scams, say you’re new to the industry or are just getting ready to publish your first book. Here are some of the facts:

The people that send messages like such as this, have a lot of what you would call ‘Bot’ followers. Fakes, phonies, pictures with no substance and Tweets with no personality, other than to SELL SELL SELL.

Sure, they may have good numbers, but none of them will do you any favors other than clutter up your social media accounts. They’ll promote your book, and you’ll likely have to pay for it, but their promotions go out to other fake accounts. In which case you get scammed when you think you’ve paid for a great platform.

Some people figure it out right away, through the results of their sales, but some get dragged along for a while until they finally realize that: “Hey, these guys aren’t helping me one bit! And they’re all I see on News Feed!”

So if you didn’t know, know you know. If you did know, well, you know where I’m coming from with this rant.

For newer authors, if you want people to share your stuff, look for people in your genre. If you share their work (and try and find something you actually like, there’s enough fakes as it is) they will most likely share yours. If not, like I said earlier, Fuhgeddaboutem’!

If they aren’t helping others into the market, than they aren’t worth helping out.

To those who send these messages….Stop!

And..That’s my rant for today…..

Plus, a bonus Meme Rant, just because I love you guys 😉


I hope you enjoyed my little thought. Keep reading, and keep writing!

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