Random Thought Of The Day: Passion


This is a word that is tossed around quite a bit. Everyone wants to have a passion. Everyone wants to have something they’re talented at, fascinated with; fulfilled by. Passion is a beautiful thing. It can get you out of bed on a cold day, and it can push you to move forward, even when it seems like everything in the world is trying to block your path.

Passion can come in many shapes, or forms, but when it comes it always comes with the same, intense tug that pulls you along. It can be an interest in plants, animals, space; the ocean, sports. It can be almost anything, but sometimes it is confused for family. Family is love, and that is a completely different emotion from passion, although it feels just as wonderful.

So what is passion? Well…

It’s that drive to write when no one is reading.

It’s the will to play when no one is listening.

It’s the ambition to act when no one is watching.

It’s the sublimity of fulfillment, even when you’re the only one celebrating.

It’s the strength to stand back up, learn, adapt, and improve.

It’s the determination to never give up in what you believe in.

The sad thing is, not everyone has a passion. People have lots of things they like to do; the things that stimulate those little dopamine receptors in the brain. People try to claim that as passion, but talk to some of them, and how much are they willing to give for them? The answer is often despairing.

Interests, hobbies, good jobs…Those are all great things, but they’re not passion. Find something that really gets you going and you’ll know what I mean. It’s often just one, and once you find it, everything else seems like a partial interest.

Passion will push you further, and create something much richer than a high paying job; more intoxicating than all the beer or drugs in the world; and more relieving than a three day weekend.

When you’re passionate about something, everyday that you do it is like a weekend anyways.


Random thought of the day and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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Thanks for Reading!

2 thoughts on “Random Thought Of The Day: Passion

    • Thanks L.E! I’m glad you can feel this deep about something, it’s sad that in reality, there are a lot of people who can’t, and I wish more people could find the spark that ignites their fire. I appreciate your comment 🙂 Keep on writing.


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