Wednesday Writing Prompt

Trying a new thing on the blog. Let me know if you like it.

Here’s your Wednesday Writing Prompt:

“Of course that’s the case,” he was trying not to let his wife see through his thick exterior. Inside, he was crushed by the fact that she knew what he was hiding. –

Adam Gainer

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Writing Tips: Outline VS Free Writing

Hey Writers!

Here’s an interesting debate I think all scribblers face. I have been thinking about recently and so, I decided to share my thoughts with you. I hope you find this informative.

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10 Free Online Resources to Improve Your Writing

Some great online resources! Bookmarking this page for later use!

Interesting Literature

In this guest blog post, Sharon Crosby shares 10 great websites that can help you improve your writing skills

It often seems that there are not enough online resources for writers. There are many good books on the subject, but they cost a lot of money because the writing community is a relatively small niche. Here are 10 resources you can use whether you are a professional writer or a young content manager to improve your writing, to make your content more interesting or to get published. All the websites have something different to offer writers.

  1. Writer’s Digest

Get your hands on lots of writing and research advice. The homepage is a little too crammed with links for most people’s liking, but once you get used to how the website works you can find plenty of tips and lots of pieces of advice on writing. The great thing is that…

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A Poets Heartache

Thoughts from Author Adam Gainer

My first poem in ages! Like, share, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

  A Poets Heartache- Author Adam Gainer

He cannot find the chosen word,

Inside the heart, now massacred,

Endless screams rings out inside,

The brittle ties that burn his mind,

A flame so deep it can’t be seen,

Its beauty had once been serene,

Now it’s pushed away with agony,

Until the next time it finds harmony,

Forgotten love left behind in tears,

Will apathy overtake his fears?

Lost forever inside the darkest shell,

In this place he will always dwell,

The broken poet has lost the war,

The one that rages inside his core,

Can he defeat the shadows within?

Or will they erupt with his every sin?

They say that life can always change,

To some that thought is deranged,

To change is let go of thee,

And to move on is to…

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#UnpopularOpinionNight … Some Unpopular Opinions of My Own

Unpopular Opinion Night….Wow.

What a Hashtag. And though it is a bit of an earful, mouthful, eyeful – whatever the Hell you want to call it – I kind of like the idea. There are a lot of unpopular opinions out there, and though some opinions are becoming less taboo than they used to be, there are still a lot of issues we have in this world that need be addressed. Some of the opinions are unpopular, and some of them can be agreed on by anybody who can look passed their own pride and inner circle to see two plus two equals four.

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