Book Promo Exchange

Dave Lo has a promotion site for Authors with book promotions that want some publicity.

It has an excellent format, putting together different social media platforms in a single place, and is definitely worth checking out.

Why do you want to promote your work on other peoples blogs?

Putting your work on other peoples blogs, gives an author more traffic to their work, and allows search engines to pick up their names more frequently, boosting their overall ranking. It makes them easier to find, gives them more content, and allows the reader to know:  ‘Hey, this person is serious, they got their shit everywhere.’

So, if you’re looking for a place to promote your books, check out Dave Lowell’s page. I will list the link below.

Also be sure to check out his book, Unbelieveable Me: 5 steps to shifting to a powerful mindset and being successful, available now.

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