“Hello Stranger” Has Been Redone! Plus, Free Books!

Hello StrangerSpettra2MemeCenter_1416988699495_645

‘Hello Stranger’,  a four star thriller, is being released again, early this March!

Due to errors, I have decided to revamp the series, starting with ‘Hello Stranger’, and it will be free the first weekend of the release.

Check out the new cover, and keep an eye out for updates so you can get the chance to get these new, polished up versions of the Spettra series.

New covers, improved prose, and they have been picked clean for errors with the assistance of beta readers that I know and trust. Without those people, I wouldn’t have been able to do this, and I am deeply grateful.

“Hello Stranger” , Comes back Friday, March 6th.

Download the Ebook from Friday March 6th- until Sunday, March 8th, absolutely Free.

Spettra’s second release will be coming up later this month.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome weekend!


Keep an eye on the blog later this week, as I will be giving advice on beta reading, why it is a good idea, and how authors can help each other improve, on Wednesday’s writing blog.


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