New Edition of Spettra, a 5 Star Reviewed Thriller is Live!


After a week of having been dead on social media, and locked away in my office-bedroom, the final edition of Spettra is complete. I say the word, final, because I believe this is the last edition the title will see, for quite a long time.

Primarily, I went over the book for grammar errors. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I made the mistake of trying to rush out my earlier works, and shoo’d away the idea of getting a proper editor, proofreader, or betareader. By doing this, the original edition ended up with quite a few errors, that have now been fixed.

But, that isn’t the only thing that’s changed. It’s been over eight months since I first released Spettra, and as a person who writes each and every day, I’m happy to say that my skills have improved since then (if they hadn’t, there’s something wrong with me). Because of this, Spettra has also evolved.

The prose is tighter, making it a much smoother ride. The plot is richer, with new scenes allowing insight into characters we didn’t get to see before. I have even added illustrations, drawn up by yours truly. I believe these pictures help absorb the reader into the world, and are placed before each chapter; abstract pieces highlighting what has happened, or what is yet to.

One is shown above, here is another:


So what is Spettra about?

Spettra is about a world beyond our own. It’s about interacting dimensions; places we cannot see or hear, and we can only touch them during extreme circumstance, and often without notice.

Tara, a woman paralysed by a car accident, begins to touch the bubble of one of these dimensions. She believes it to be a dream; a fantasy in which she can relive the physical joys stripped away from her the year before. It’s gorgeous there. The stars shine bright and large; the trees glow in a variation of colour amongst the landscape; water runs through dirt and rocks, but never seems to taint, and even the air is sweeter than anything Tara’s lung have tasted.

She soon learns that all beauty has a dark side. Tara must make a choice between what she wants, and what is right.

At the same time, her husband, Lance, is dealing with another problem. Work is exhausting him, and stress is reaching volatile levels. Voices from the past are haunting his mind, screaming at him from every turn.

When these worlds interact, twisted things start to happen. Both Tara and Lance are forced to make decisions, and the world’s they choose may just surprise you…


Check out this awesome psychological thriller on Amazon today, for only $2.99 USD:


The updated print edition will be available later on this week.

Keep an eye out for the free promotion! Coming soon!

-Adam Gainer


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