Light – A Poem By Adam Gainer



Broken through bone,

Clawing enigmatic soul,

Anguish in tone,

Fleeing apathetic coal,

Reinforcing the lies,

Grasping chemical ties,

Ignoring the cries,

Wear heartbroken sighs,

The chosen assist,

Controlling those underneath,

Vanquish the cyst,

Whilst sinking their teeth,

Forcing back the demise,

Disbelieving surmise,

Screaming constant reprise,

Dissipating size,

Reparation takes its time,

Reaching empathetic ideal,

Voice’s never before so sublime,

Equaling strength that we feel,

Never give out, battle today,

Surviving the bout, shattering clay,

The darkness expands, with each passing year,

But with light in your hands, you will have no fear.


My attempt at poetry. What do you think?

-Adam Gainer


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