New Poem: Master to Pupil (And some thoughts)


Master to Pupil

Determination inside,

Of the young avid mind,

A place they can’t hide,

What their heart urns to find.


The mentor deemed cold,

Granting the pupil no mercy,

To begin the story untold,

And there’s no need to hurry.


To teach and to learn,

That’s the chain of existence,

Forever we’ll yearn,

To extend our life’s distance.


Youth’s mind expands,

Without hesitation,

White knuckled hands,

Resolve before equation.


Competition ensues,

Between young an old,

Shifting the hues,

For the title they hold.


A story’s beginning,

A new legend born,

The Master is smiling,

And calls for the horn.


You should never forget,

The mentor inside,

The first one to bet,

On your amateur hide.


For this person survives,

Within the skills you have gained,

Inside the pupil who thrives,

To be another link in the chain.


Pass on your lessons,

Become the Master in mind,

Hone your past sessions,

To free others from bind.


If not for the first of your aspiration,

Surely your art would have no cohesion,

For no definition can ever be chosen,

Unless a Master is made,

And their lessons are frozen.


 This poem was written to illustrate the chain of events that evolve our society, and all of its arts. In the end, that’s what we are; a part of a great chain. Constant links are added to old ideas, constructed and manipulated by creativity to become either weaker or stronger, until eventually the chain becomes too heavy, and a new idea must take place in order to break the bind. These changes often affect the world in huge ways, changing our entire perception of the universe as we know it.

Unfortunately in today’s world, we have become too heavily dependent on old ideas, ignoring the facts that displease us for the pseudo-science that is presented by those who wish to maintain the status-quo.

The myths of the past no longer hold up in the society we live in today, and we can see across the world that most people are ready for a change. Uprisings and protest have become weekly news segments, almost expected by audiences around the world who tune in every night at six o’clock, whilst they eat microwave dinners and talk about how they wish life wasn’t so tough; ignoring the possibility for any real progress.

This poem is about respecting the ground work for the ideas created over our time here as humans. If it wasn’t for the past, we would have no present, and no future. This poem is also about letting go of those ideas. Yes, it’s important to remember the past pioneers, just as it is important to remember basic principles when applying logic to a much more complex situation. But when those principles no longer make sense, ethically or logically, it’s time for them to be forgotten.

In the end, this poem is about becoming your own Master, using tools from the craft that you love the most to help you evolve as a person. It’s not about being the same as the past Masters; it’s about improving on the craft itself. It’s about breaking chains and creating new ones, so that new insight may enlighten and influence the rest of our world.

-Adam Gainer



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