Listen America, About Your Guns…


Canada already has decent gun regulation. Our background checks are far more thorough, we have psychological and safety testing for our long-guns, and further testing and permits for our hand-guns and more lethal firearms. Canada, is doing OK for gun control.

For my U.S followers, however, toting the “Don’t Take Away My Guns!” flag. Put your head on straight. It’s easier to get a gun in most states of the U.S, than it is to get a license to legally drive a car.

Yes, I’m aware that there are background checks, in some states. I’m also aware of the data, which says that only about 1% of people ever get rejected for a firearm.

Now, I don’t want to point fingers and say the U.S is a violent country. Canada has it’s fair share of violence as well. But I know for damn sure that 99% of all people in the U.S aren’t legally responsible and competent enough, to hold/own a firearm without endangering the lives of people around them.

I’ve heard of confidence in your citizens, but this, is borderline stupidity. You have a mass shooting just about everyday, America, and as someone who watches the news heavily from both sides of the border, I am disappointed in the paranoia and the sheer ignorance of the real facts.

They are not looking to take away your guns, they are just looking to make sure they don’t easily end up in the hands of people who are going to do real damage. If you’re an American, good and trustworthy with a gun, who can pass a couple tests with complete confidence and without any issue, then you shouldn’t be that scared of that.

Canada has gun control, yet we still have guns, and less gun violence. Australia has gun control, and once again, they still have guns, and less gun violence.

Gun control is not banning guns. It’s making sure they get into safe and responsible hands.

One more point to add. Yes, criminals will still get guns. The same as they get whatever else they want. It’s why they are called CRIMINALS. Criminals, means lawbreaker, if you don’t remember. So what you’re basically saying with that argument, is that you don’t think we should have any laws, because, hey, the criminals are going to do it anyway. So what’s the point?

With that logic, we might as well legalize rape, I mean, the rapists are going to do it anyway, so what’s the point of banning it?

Get your head on straight, America. You need gun control.


-Adam Gainer



T.J Kirk, AKA The Amazing Atheist, made this video that I think makes a good point on the subject:

Warning: Some of you may find his language a bit vulgar and abrasive. His points, however, are still as valid whether he is polite or not.


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