Let’s Talk About Our Planet – Pt.1 – Refuting Common Arguments Against Climate Change

Climate Change is Real. We Need to Do Something About it


My title should state the obvious, in telling you what today’s topic is. Climate change is, indeed, a real and devastating issue we face right now.

The beginning stages can already be seen in the increase of natural disasters and extreme weather around the globe, along with mountains of scientific evidence all pointing to the conclusion that, yes, the earth is getting much warmer. And yes, emissions from industrial pollution play a huge role.

There are small things that also play a role – and we can do what is reasonable to decrease emissions there as well – but industrial pollution trumps all of those. This isn’t an attack on people who love oil or who work for companies like Enbridge or the like. I understand that for some of you, it’s your bread and butter, and your family has gotten used to a certain way of living. You and they are understandably afraid of the financial outcomes if energy and reliance on fossil fuels, nuclear power, and even industrial farming, etc., was put to a minimum. I realize that we still need energy, and we still need food, and thus we still need a reliable resource to help us produce it. But all types of renewable energy will, in turn, create more jobs. Far more than fossil fuels ever could, if we utilize them all properly.

As for food, we need to look into better sources. Cutting down trees to widen our reach or make things slightly more efficient is having a more detrimental affect than we realize. Living in mid-western Saskatchewan, I’ve seen big farmers cutting out mass amounts of trees to make room for their giant equipment.

I understand the need for a better yield with crops, due to a rising population and a falling economy. But there are better solutions to these issues, even if they aren’t the first ones that come to mind in a stressful situation.

What we’re doing right now is hurting the land. Eventually it will end in erosion of the soil (it doesn’t matter how much fertilizer or chemical you pump into the ground year after year, if you don’t summer-follow and let it replenish, you’re destroying the soil), along with freeze dried land from the open air in the winter – caused by the trees being unable to catch any snow. Then there are the animals that are losing their habitats. Places that were out in the middle of fields with vast amounts of trees. I see deer populations growing in huge numbers in certain areas, simply because they’ve had to move to a smaller, tighter area, in order to get out away from open plains and farm equipment.

Soon, hunters will have to go after a few more of them, just to keep them from overtaking the highway in those areas, as it will become a safety issue. Keep it up, and we lead to an extinction of a deer population within this region of Saskatchewan. Anywhere else that is similar can probably expect another outcome of the like, if behavior like this continues.


But the harsh truth is, in the society we live in, all of those facts are deemed irrelevant – a collective cognitive dissonance on the matter. The need to survive through income is real, and it’s reinforced and propagated not just by the media, but by everyone we see or meet. It’s also combated by an always-rising inflation rate, that never seems to correlate with resources, and never matches the average wage of the working class.

It’s the world we live in, and it’s a hard concept to stray away from, much less make a decision on leaving. A lot of people hate it, but very few have solutions. Things like religion and pseudo-science are tough for most people to see through and make choices on, the fate of the world, and people’s lifestyles, is much harder than that.

Unfortunately, what’s happening to the mass of land we inhabit is a real issue to our survival as a species. It’s a real problem that we all have to face, despite what we do for a living, or how we feel about it. Money shouldn’t even count when it comes to issues of climate change.

What’s the point, if there’s no real civilization to spend it in?

Today, I am going to debunk some of the arguments made against the climate change scientists. In the next parts of this series, we will get into facts.

Then we’re being fair, and I’m not just throwing facts around without looking at both sides, cause I imagine a few of you will spew these misconceptions at me in your head – if not in the comment section. So, I will be criticizing your arguments right now, if you have any of these, that is. If you have more, feel free to dispute me in the comment section below. That’s what it’s for.


#1 – It’s a conspiracy.

Really? – Really? Yes. Because thousands of environmental, meteorological, biological, geological (let’s just stick with laments terms – climate change researchers) including people from a vast amount of different countries around the globe, have all come together in a padded room to discuss how they are going to get you with their research.

How they’ve faked it all just so they can be in charge of the new energy businesses, and make a monopoly over the globe in a one world government. They want to microchip you, and take your money, and make you a slave to the renewable energy business!

And you know what else. They’re doing it right underneath your basement!

Seriously, though. That’s not happening.

  1. A) There is too many people involved for everyone to stay quiet, especially with all the hackers and whistle-blowers we have today.
  2. B) There’s no point, and no gain for climate change researchers to fake this. They have no money to gain, and are, for the most part, poorly funded and living off of remedial salaries in comparison to the rest of the world; simply because this research has been held back and difficult to fund. It’s mainly non-profit.

If these researchers wanted money, they could have done work for the corporations that benefit off of emissions. But they chose the high road, and wanted to see how much we are affecting the planet and how they could change it.  The reason it’s not funded as much as it should be, is because of stupid theories like this one that end up bleeding into public policy, allowing big companies in the fossil fuel industry and alike to keep getting corporate tax breaks to keep their big wheels turning.

Climate Change Researchers have been able to accumulate a lot of data despite this set back, thanks to a lot of other countries stepping in to help. Mainly those who are already feeling the major affects of climate change, and are getting the up close and personal view we’re all afraid of.


#2 – Science is evil, so it’s all wrong.

So, why are you reading this?

Seriously. Hit the X button. If science is evil, then your computer is evil.

Quick! Save yourself!

Science is not evil. It is a method of finding out how the world works through a wide variety of perspectives. It also finds the implications of certain factors that play into that working system, and the consequences that stem from it.

It’s fact, most of the time. There are studies that are faked, sure. But you know how we debunk those fake studies, and find the real truth?

With better, more honest science – which usually means better and less bias scientists. Believe it or not, there are a lot of those out there. It also means better technology and better research in general, which comes with time.


#3 – I can’t believe anything the corporate media says.

It’s the conspiracy argument all over again. The media is not evil – at least, not all of the time. I understand the sentiment behind this, especially when you have such news outlets as Fox trying to inform a country. But not all media is bad media.

You know what’s really bad?

What’s bad is the public’s failure to criticize that media; the public’s failure to look for the real answers, so they can better understand it themselves, instead of listening to biased, misinformed opinions.

Thanks to comment sections, we have gotten slightly better with debating each other, and thinking about issues as we watch the media, and talking about them. But a good portion of that is still simple trolling and blanket statements. Sometimes; once in a while, someone says something intelligent that will offer a new perspective on the topic, but it’s usually unread and forgotten in the mess.


#4 I Can’t Believe Anything I Hear Online, or What Anyone Says is True.

That’s fine. That’s a whole other misconception to debunk, but it doesn’t mean you can’t follow up on climate change.

There are books, television documentaries, and even (but not often) corporate news casts. Sometimes, but very rarely, even Fox news talks about it – without skewing the facts.



#5 I don’t understand it, thus, I won’t do anything about it.

Ok, but if that’s your response to climate change, are you going to give the same to the doctor when he tells you that you have a brand new, unknown flesh eating disease?

No. You’re going to look at your flesh, to see if what he’s telling you is consistent with the findings.

The earth has a flesh-eating disease, but we know what it is. We call it climate change, but I’m willing to out on a limb here and say what we’re all really thinking.

The disease may be called climate change, but the cells that make it up are mostly human. The only way to cure it is to reverse the behavior of the cells that feed the disease. We do that by stopping our emissions, and looking into better technology to make the world a more sustainable place – as well as prepare for the catastrophes to come.

#6 : He’s not doing anything, and she’s not doing anything…so why should I?

Want to use that argument, eh? Don’t we teach our kids the exact same thing, only in reverse?

Remember the old phrase “If Little Jimmy jumped off a bridge, would you join her?”

The same argument applies here, but I’m going to go out and say something different than the normal response (which would be a simple “No.”, in most cases).

I’ll say that maybe you should stop little Jimmy from jumping off the bridge, especially if you care about him in any manner at all. Because it’s going to affect you negatively in an indirect way if he jumps off that bridge. The same as that other person, who isn’t doing dick about climate change, is going to harm you indirectly by contributing to the end of the planet.

That doesn’t give you the right to go off on them and scream: “You need to change or you’ll hurt me and my family!”

But it should give you the incentive to help educate them if they are skeptical of climate change, and explain the real facts in a good conversation. Something a lot of people seem to be afraid of these days.

Either way, if they choose not to listen, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. It just means one less person is going to be helping in the fight we are all going to have to face at one point or another. That’s no reason to double that number by counting yourself out too.


I wanted to get more into detail on the facts of climate change in this article. Unfortunately, we need to do this in baby steps. You can expect another on climate change soon enough, if you’re interested in reading.

For now, here are some sources (especially important for those who still deny the existence of climate change):

Huffington Post: Parts Of Persian Gulf Could Be Too Hot For Humans By Century’s End


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Survey of 12,000 studies finds strong agreement on climate change:



Skeptical Science:


Scholarly Sources (Published by the researchers and their associates or as a collection/article from the academic community):

























































If you would like to see more, just ask!


Adam Gainer

Cover Photo from PBS:

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