Left Behind

Left Behind

Our passion dwindles, falling away,

A world outside in subtle dismay,

Unseen by the perception of the masses,

Unable to decipher equality in classes,

We are all different, yet we are all the same,

We grow further apart, and everyone is to blame.


Inside of this residence,

You created the malice,

Ignoring the evidence,

Uninformed and so callous,


Is there anything you can say, when the tables are turned?

At the end of the day, when all the cities are burned?


The enemy is a monster that’s oh so familiar,

Recognize our own culture, as we look in the mirror.

Acknowledge archaic ideal; decipher the mind in the tome,

Find the parts they say heal, and restructure the home.


Perhaps in more time, we will see the real light,

We will relinquish the mime, and clear the world’s sight.

But people are broken; they are all afraid,

Fearing what lies past the final bed that is made.


A fear that is played on; lifetime mental torture,

A fear that’s destroyed any hope for real order.


When will we see the flaws of our life?

 Drop the animosity, and look at ourselves?

Forget the religion, forget all the lies,

And finally move on, to the truth that’s inside.


When will all be left behind?


  • Adam Gainer

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