Solace of the Night

Solace of the Night

Here it comes again,

The deafening of the sun,

A glimmer of light on the horizon,

A halo dimming at the end of a leaf,

It’s here. The solace that I crave.


When did it become this, just you and I?

When the sun lost heat, and the moon gained life?

When darkness took over the ink bleeding knife?

Was it always here, waiting for the sunlight to die?


I can’t remember. Try, try, try, but I can’t recall,

It seems so perfect, so right – the night.


The darkness, the seclusion,

Wrapping me with an isolating silence,

Attempting to find a conclusion,

Then it reaches delusion,

Til Sunlight breaks through illusion,

Losing the truth of our seclusion,

To cover up the contusion.


I can’t seem to think, of any other time,

When I would rather dip into the mind,

An enigmatic behavior of human kind,

Yet to me it feels so perfectly fine.


For the night is the air,

When I reach in my mind,

Into the darkest part I can find,

Indulging without care.


So here it comes,

And there it goes,

The night that protects my most intimate thoughts.

Bright light rises, shadowing them into their corners once again,

And the sounds of the world begin to creep in.

Now once more, I begin to crave,

The solace of the night.


-Adam Gainer

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