Silver Light

Silver Light

I’m losing the game,

I can’t seem to overcome these bounds,

I’m lost to the shame,

Lie dark and hollowed-out; battling sounds.

Oh silver light,

Nothing feels right,

Take away the anxiety,

And replace it with beauty,

Oh darkened night,

Bring me back to my sanity,

Vanquish what seethes within me.

An endless echoing ring,

It’s shattering my comprehension,

Though I try hard to sing,

My voice is drowned by the tension.

Oh silver light,

Can you find the night?

Take away my humanity,

And replace it with apathy,

Oh darkened night,

Shatter me with your ecstasy,

No one shall see this blight.

Underneath of my skin,

The hope grows thin,

Contrasting the dim glow,

What’s left of long ago.

Preserve this insanity,

Destroy the fight left inside of me,

Til there’s nothing in sight,

The ploy that feeds what I see,

At the end of the silver light.


 Bring me the sight, and for a while, I’ll be fine.

Until the day the silver light, is once again mine.


– Adam Gainer

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