A New Cycle (Holiday Poem)

A New Cycle

Snowy white, the wall blows in,

Blanketing the earth for another season,

A time to reflect on what has been,

A time to find solidarity; a time to find reason,


Candles and carols have no place in our time,

But the gathering hasn’t lost the rhyme,

Presents for the young, drink for the grown,

The songs are still sung, but they take a new tone,


Call it Christmas, call it Hanukkah,

Call it Ramadan, call it Kwanza,

Whatever the label, whatever the name,

Whatever the fable, the end result is the same,


There will be gray weather,

That I don’t doubt,

Humans can’t get together,

Without at least one little bout,


But the overall theme weighs heavy in mind,

Unity and peace for just for one night,

The changing of tides in a new year to find,

A temporary gift of a recycled insight,


This can be seen, in poems like this,

Or in the celebration that seems to exist,

An obsession with change, a timeless fixation,

Until the new is no longer strange, and we lose our relation,

Before we return to placing condemnation,


The idea of this piece is not to be vicious,

It’s to highlight a point that has always been here,

If one time a year, we can become so humble; so gracious,

Why can’t it continue through the rest of the year?


Whatever the holiday, I wish you the best,

And I hope that you enjoy, this brief little rest,


A new year is dawning; a new cycle will rise,

And if we continue to open our eyes,

A better tomorrow will be humanity’s prize.


  • Adam Gainer

Happy Holidays!

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