#TheTriggering : Finding the Truth(Poem + ANNOUNCEMENT!)


Today, I’m writing a very special poem, for a very special group of snowflakes known as Social Justice Warriors, who, if you have come across them online (and are of a rational mind), are some of the most bigoted people across social-media.

I mean, the KKK based things on color, and that was bad enough. But these social activists take it a thousand steps further. From race, to gender, to health, to species – to just about anything they can sink their agenda into.  If they were just as aggressive as the KKK in their tactics, we would have a real shit-show on our hands. In some cases, we’re already close.

Victim Card

Yes, some of them are just that bad. A fairly representative portion, unfortunately.

But, before we get into the poem, I have a very special announcement.

Do you hate reading long blogs?

Does the format of WordPress sometimes annoy  you?

Would you rather the blog be spoken, so you can sit back and listen?



I started a Youtube Channel for that exact reason. I plan to move many of the articles I’ve written here to a video format within the next while, and will be uploading brand new content as often as possible.

Topics will range from rants on social & political issues, such as the regressive left, and the TPP, to videos explaining climate change, to writing tips, and whatever else my tiny brain desires to create.

The channel, at the moment, is simply titled : Adam Gainer (so creative). I will be working on making some revisions to the channel as it grows, so that is subject to change.

Check it out here, and be one of the first to subscribe:



Now, onto the poetry!

Finding the Truth

In thousands of generations,

After an eon of evolving mind,

Rising through the trepidations,

To become modern human-kind,


We fought through famine,

We fought through disease,

The deep waters we swam in,

Left behind for the trees,


Creating our laws,

Creating some order,

Fixing our flaws,

As we grow ever older,


We’ve fought through prejudice,

We’ve fought through strife,

Establishing modern edifice,

And improving our lives,


Then we fast forward in time,

Arrive in familiarity,

Into pseudo-sublime,

Deprived by insanity.


A social justice regime, which stands to tear what’s been built,

A new wave of segregation, topped with lines of oppression.

They’ve created the battle-scheme, and force terms like ‘white guilt’,

A new wave of condemnation, hindering all free expression.


After all of this time, after all we’ve accomplished,

To go backwards in rhyme, our equality demolished.


This push needs to end, it can’t be ok,

To be racist or sexist, in any kind of way.


White males can be bigoted,

Yes, this is our fame,

But your intellect is inhibited,

.To not see that you’re the same.


I hope some time soon, you’ll stop crying ‘pejorative’,


Perhaps one day the truth, will be worth more than the narrative.


Perhaps one day we’ll learn to stop forcing blame.

Perhaps one day the truth, will be more important than the narrative.



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