Hey everyone, and welcome to my blog.

I hope you are as excited as I am, and I look forward to our conversations in the future.

However, I can doubt you are as excited, seeing as how you don’t actually know who I am. So… let’s begin.

My name is Adam Gainer, I was raised in a small town in the prairies of mid-western Saskatchewan. I began writing at a very young age, and finished my first novel at the age of six. Don’t get too excited or skeptical, it was a spoof.

At the time, our family didn’t have satellite or cable, and most of my entertainment tended to come from books and movies. When my friends got into the “Pokemon” series at age five, I was left in the dust with only tid-bits of information from a show I wanted desperately to watch for myself.

So instead.. I wrote my own version. The inspiration came both from my older sister, the one who is responsible for my interest in reading and writing in the first place, and it also came from the novel series Pokemon had put out at the time. I thought “I can create that! I can do an even better version of that!”

And so, I did. After I completed in in two 32-page Hilroy notebooks, I presented it to the class as “Auto-mon” my very own series of Pokemon. New story, same premise.

My class ate it up, going from laughing to listening intently in suspense as I turned the pages. It was the first time ever I realized how much I loved writing. Not just because it gave me my own thrills as I did it, but because of the thrills it gave the audience I was presenting it to.

The first time I actually attempted to be published, was in a small town newspaper, using the same type of deep thoughts you will experience reading this blog. I was about the age of eighteen at the time, and writing fiction was far out of my reach at that point of time. I was interested more in poetry, lyrics, and philosophy.

Anyways, I got published using these deep thoughts of the world, and it took off. The reaction I got from the town made me remember just how much I loved writing in the first place.

Sadly though…. I did not get back into writing fiction for another three years.

I continued to write poetry and more deep muses for a long period of time, not caring about being published, yet always reading.

One day, when I was about twenty (I am twenty-two now) years old, I came home in the winter, and was presented with a Rand Mcnally Bookstore gift card from the school. Inside it had a note:

Use this to buy a “fun” book. Keep writing.

Loreburn Central School.

At the time, I was a little taken back. I had not been to school for a couple of years, and when I was there I wasn’t exactly the best student either. Either way, when I went back to the city of Saskatoon, where I was living, I used that book card.

It wasn’t a “fun” book per say, but it was one that I enjoyed reading, and that I credit for giving me the push I needed to get back to writing fiction. The book was Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft. 

Upon completing it, I started to write fiction again, and now have published four books on Amazon Kindle. I’m still writing everyday, and I love every second of it.


Check out my books here:


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