New Poem: Master to Pupil (And some thoughts)


Master to Pupil

Determination inside,

Of the young avid mind,

A place they can’t hide,

What their heart urns to find.


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Light – A Poem By Adam Gainer



Broken through bone,

Clawing enigmatic soul,

Anguish in tone,

Fleeing apathetic coal,

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A Poets Heartache

Thoughts from Author Adam Gainer

My first poem in ages! Like, share, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

  A Poets Heartache- Author Adam Gainer

He cannot find the chosen word,

Inside the heart, now massacred,

Endless screams rings out inside,

The brittle ties that burn his mind,

A flame so deep it can’t be seen,

Its beauty had once been serene,

Now it’s pushed away with agony,

Until the next time it finds harmony,

Forgotten love left behind in tears,

Will apathy overtake his fears?

Lost forever inside the darkest shell,

In this place he will always dwell,

The broken poet has lost the war,

The one that rages inside his core,

Can he defeat the shadows within?

Or will they erupt with his every sin?

They say that life can always change,

To some that thought is deranged,

To change is let go of thee,

And to move on is to…

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The Three Nevers

Here is another old dinosaur I’ve recently uncovered in my archive. I haven’t seen this one in a while, but it’s message still holds true today.

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Lost In this empty shell,
Materialized by ashes,
From the bridges I’ve burned,
My Memories are all I have left,
The random thoughts of agony,
And all these past joys,

Nothing could be further from the truth,
As a man who is a free,
A world born in chains,
A population without a face,

We are so different, yet the same,
Trapped in a world of robots,
Under control by sadistic suits,
Yet though we are so same,
All we do is fight,
Puppets of our own play,

I have known what it feels to live,
I have known what it feels to fall,
Life is so cruel,
Life is so beautiful,

The things experienced in life,
Are the unforgettable uncertainties,
The rush of a change,
The move of a wave,
The life changing sounds of a newborn.

Born into this world to become another puppet,
Another step forward in the destruction of mankind,
As the oak tree stands tall,
The human race will not.

And unfathomable history,
Rests in the hands of generations,
Oceans may rise,
Fires may become ice,
Death may become life,

The story to remember here,
Is the story of the Three Nevers,
Never Regret,
Never Falter,
And Never Give Up,

Because in the end all you have ever wanted,
Will be right in front of you,
Its up to you to take it.
And through its taking,
You will have birthed,
A new beginning.